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We use education, support, and time tested, research based interventions.


Grassroots Natural Medicine provides an integrated approach combining both oriental and naturopathic medical philosophies. The following is a list of the services offered. If you are interested in a particular modality, you may schedule an appointment for that type of session. If you have a condition and would like help, but are unsure of which modality would be most effective, come for a free 15 minute consultation and you will receive a recommendation for the form(s) of healing that will be most beneficial.



Dr. SaltPaw is a big advocate of getting his patients to move and stretch to the best of their abilities. Exercise is usually a core aspect of any of his healing plans. Dr. SaltPaw has over twenty years experience helping patients develop useful exercise regimes to help with many conditions.

Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic Medicine is a blend of traditional natural healing practices and modern medical science.

CHinese Medicine

Well known practices like Acupuncture and Cupping to less known techniques like Moxa and Gua Sha, 

Weight Management

Undergo a healthy transformation with my ultra lite weight loss program.

Blood Sugar Management

Dr. SaltPaw spends a lot of time teaching his patients how to implement diet, exercise and several other key factors to manage their blood sugar.


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Meet Doctor SaltPaw


Heart disease runs in my family. My mom, who was hard working, a smoker, and raised the four of us on her own, knew it was only a matter of time before her genes kicked in. Her doctor wanted to place her on all kinds of medications in which she partially complied but also used the remedies passed on to her from her mother, father, and uncle. They were from the rural south and were of african american and native american ancestry and used plants as their medicine. I was naturally curious about my family and about the tonics I saw my mother use. So when I started experiencing hypertension at an early age I too reached back to the traditional healing passed on from my ancestors but I also became interested in learning more. This is what led me to further my study of naturopathic medicine and acupuncture.


What People Are Saying About Grassroots Natural Medicine

Dr. Saltpaw is a gifted clinician and thoughtful individual. His extensive medical knowledge make him an invaluable educational resource while his care and compassion make him a great doctor. Highly recommended!
— Jason
I cannot speak more highly about Dr. SaltPaw. He’s given me so much as a counselor, healer, and friend.
— Jheanelle
I can’t thank him enough for his hard work and dedication to help me heal my body.
— Nivea

Nutritional Supplements

Doctor SaltPaw offers Natural Supplements to help you with your journey  on a path to better health.

For a large selection of Natural Nutritional Supplements

For isotonic supplements Which offer a superior method for delivering vital nutrients into the bloodstream for maximum absorption

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